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  Here’s what our parents are saying ...


I always wanted to give some extra support to my kids with their studies,  but it was very hard to find time with a full time job.  Math Altitude has given me the peace of mind that my kids are getting the support they need. With small class sizes, my kids get all the attention they require.  I am so thankful to Ms. Olga and her incredible staff for the wonderful job they do.

~Neetu Gupta, S. Grafton

Thanks Olga.

I feel Avi is very lucky to have teachers like you, Luba, and Nathan. Your whole team is constantly motivating and inspiring students!

GO Math Altitude!!

~Amulya Mahal, Shrewsbury

Since she began MathAltitude, my 5th grade daughter has acquired a profound interest in math. She is very positive about math homework and has advanced significantly because of her teacher, Ms. Dina. Ms. Dina's patient and skilled methods keep my daughter challenged with constant encouragement. My daughter also joined the Math Club which has expanded her comprehension and has made math "cool" to learn.  As a result, Anastasia has earned high scores on the MCAS and public school math tests.  Sparking math enthusiasm is evident throughout the Math Altitude staff. Their goal is that children should enjoy learning math at any level.  Our school invited the Math Altitude staff to our STEAM festival and they brought the most creative and fun games which immediately engaged the kids. Adults enjoyed the challenges as well.  I highly recommend Math Altitude for children of all skill levels to get a fun and comprehensive math learning experience.  

 ~Sharyn Hocurscak, Princeton

Three years ago, a friend told me about MathAltitude. That very same week after researching the program, I registered my son. My son was very good at math, but for the first month he had a very hard time keeping up at MathAltitude.  With the teacher's dedication and persistence, today my son is a different student. He loves to learn new things and has a passion for math. I am very thankful that my son has this wonderful opportunity for learning. MathAltitude has been the best investment that I could have made in my son's life. Thank you to the amazing teachers and director for dedicating your time to my son's education.

 ~Sueleni Pimentel, Lancaster

My daughter is a good student, but not a math whiz.  She tried two math tutoring schools prior to MathAltitude.  She did not like the way those schools taught her to memorize facts rather than understand math concepts.  In the summer of 2013 I met a parent of two MathAltitude students who strongly recommended MathAltitude to me.  At the time my daughter was entering 9th grade and I asked her to give it a try.  She began with summer classes and liked it, so she continued.  She liked the way MathAltitude taught her to understand math.  The teachers, Olga, Nathan, and Boris have been kind and supportive.  My daughter has taken classes all four years of high school and is now heading to a prestigious university.  MathAltitude has definitely contributed to her academic success.  The knowledge she has gained has boosted her confidence.  She told me she wishes she had known about MathAltitude when she was younger for she would have had solid math fundamentals starting at a younger age.  I have told every parent who is looking for a math tutoring school to try MathAltitude.  It is a wonderful investment in your child's future.  The younger he/she starts, the better!

~ Tippawan Burns, Shrewsbury

I have three children that attend Math Altitude

and we couldn’t be happier with the classes and teachers.

People ask me why I send my kids to a math school.  For each child the answer is different. We started when my oldest child Matthew was in 4th grade and was not being challenged by the curriculum at his school.  Matthew has been at Math Altitude for 5 years and has grown so much in his love for math.  When my second child was also in 4th grade we started him at Math Altitude because we saw the growth that Matthew was achieving.  Ryan's confidence in math has soared beyond what we could have expected.  He is the first to raise his hand in class and also is able to fully explain to his class how he was able to get the answer that he did even if it was a different way than the class was able to solve the equation.  Our third child started math altitude this year though she is only in second grade. For her it was because she has grown up with her brothers attending math school and has been asking forever when she will be able to go!  My children's grades and confidence have soared since they began learning at MathAltitude.

In addition, Math Altitude is not just a school; it is a community.  Movie nights, annual hikes, art contests, and many other extracurricular activities encourage camaraderie among students.  Free homework sessions, national math competitions, free preparatory workshops for kids, math clubs, computer classes, and essay writing complement the math curriculum.  There are so many options I really could be dropping my kids off every!

~Julie Suyer, Worcester

MathAltitude has helped my children become confident learners…

As a parent, I want my children to have the proper academic tools to succeed in life, and this is exactly what Math Altitude has provided for my children.  Math Altitude has helped my children become confident learners, able to work on their math problems independently while implementing great problem solving strategies.  The small classroom sizes enhance the learning experience; individual time is available for students who need extra help with homework.  Math Altitude fieldtrips and outings are a great outlet to enhance the social and interactive skills of students.  Parents have the opportunity to grow and learn from the staff and from the numerous speakers and professionals that are invited to present innovative academic topics.  

We are fortunate to have such a great community resource in Central Mass.  We are so glad to be making this investment in our children’s education, as it has not only helped them improve their math skills, it has helped them build the foundation for a lifetime of successful learning. 

Starting in 2016, Worcester Academy began a collaboration with MathAltitude to offer the international Math Kangaroo competition to students from elementary through high school.  For over thirty years, this renowned competition has striven to involve an increasing number of students from diverse backgrounds, in an effort to eradicate prejudice against mathematics and to show that mathematics can be interesting, useful and even fun.  The Worcester Academy Mathematics Department is happy to work with MathAltitude in promoting this unique mathematical experience for the students of the greater Worcester area.

 ~Dr. Theodore Theodosopoulos,

 Chair of Mathematics Department

 Worcester Academy

We are so glad to be making this investment in our children’s education.

~Rosanna Alfonso, Holden