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Registration for 2014 Summer Program and 2014-15 School Year is now open.

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Math Kangaroo USA

On Thursday March 21, 2013 students from all over New England participated in 16th Annual International Mathematics Competition: Math Kangaroo 2013 enjoing the challnge and having great time.

MathAltitude School of Mathematics was the only official Math Kangaroo center in Worcester. MathAltitude also offered a unique option for Tantuck Magnet students to participate in the competition at their facility.

Read more about MathAltitude participation in Math Kangaroo competition.

17th Annual International Mathematics Competition: Math Kangaroo will take place on Thursday, March 20, 2014.

Registration is open till December 2013. Seats are limited.

What is Math Kangaroo?

A child does not need to be a MathAltitude student to participate. We invite our students and all their friends to challenge their mathematical curiosity with this contest. While there are a fair amount of math contests are available for high school students, there are not that many held for elementary and middle school students. The Math Kangaroo can be the first great step in discovering mathematics.

To Register: go to Click the REGISTRATION tab and follow the link (you can choose to create your own ID first and then register). Select MathAltittude as a competition location. Registration fee is payable online.

Questions: contact Olga Serebrennikov at, or call us at 860-37-LEARN