Online Math Classes

It doesn't matter where you live, you can give your children the best math education!
Almost all classes K-12 at Math Altitude School of Mathematics are available online!

Why Parents Who Care about Education Choose our Online Classes for Their Children?

  • It doesn't matter where you live
    We teach children from different states and from other countries. Every child is welcome!

  • It doesn't matter how old your child is
    We teach math to children of all ages. From kindergarten classes to algebra, geometry, physics and SAT prep - all of MathAltitude school programs are available online.
  • We use the best methods of American and European math education
    Our program is a unique blend of American and European methodologies and consists of more than mere memorization and repetitious drills. We do not teach students to memorize; we teach them to think.   

  • Our teachers are professionals with extensive experience in teaching math offline and online
    Our team of educators has extensive experience teaching mathematics in schools in the USA, Israel, Europe, Ukraine, and Russia. Our teachers are adept at keeping students focused, engaged, and learning. They build a unique rapport with their students, and the students love them!

  • Small groups up to 9 students or Private tutoring
    Small groups (up to 6 in grades K-1 and up to 9 in older grades) allow teachers to give attention to each student. Private titoring is also available and is in demand.

  • Convenient learning environment
    Our online classes take place in an interactive learning environment - Vedamo, which incorporates a rich set of tools to make learning an engaging experience. You do not need to download and install any applications. The only thing you need is a computer with Internet access.

  • Involvement of students in the educational process
    All of our classes are live. Children do not just watch a prerecorded lesson; they join a live classroom and communicate with the teacher, answer questions and complete assignments. However, if a student is unable to attend a class, a video recording of the lesson is provided.

How Do We Run Our Online Classes?

  • Easy Access
    Lessons take place in the Vedamo learning environment. You don't have to download an application. All the student needs is a browser and access to the Internet.

  • Smart learning 
    The teacher shares learning materials on the online board and explains the topic. Students can ask questions and work cooperatively with fellow students.

  • Students' involvement
    Material is emailed to the student before class. The teacher engages students, presents a lesson, assigns tasks, students solve problems and share answers. The teacher explains possible mistakes and gives hints when students are confused, encouraging them along the way.

  • Friendly working atmosphere
    Our teachers have extensive experience in teaching online and know how to increase students' concentration or, conversely, lighten the atmosphere with a joke. Learning activities are varied to keep studens engaged. Classes are enjoyable! 

Already 975 students from different states have been learning in our online classes.
Here's what some of their parents say:

  • "Thank you for the great class the other day. I was sitting in the background observing, and it was wonderful; you have a lot of patience, I'm impressed. Thank you."
    John Scola MD, father of the 1st grade student

  • "Just wanted to send a quick message of thanks to you, Karen and all of the teachers. I couldn't be happier that the girls will have some structured learning."
    Shelley Nass, mother of 8th and 5th graders
    Online classes process
  • "It was very well done and we especially appreciated the trial session. The online platform is intuitive and easy for them, which has been a challenge, especially with mathematics.  As a parent, I like the fact that even if the camera is off, the teacher has the ability to know if a child is on a different website and can pull the child’s focus back to the class."
    Jasmine Randhawa, mother of 5th and 8th graders

  • "The online session worked very well. Thank you for continuing the classes and keeping kids engaged!"
    Rajni Singh, mother of 6th grader

We invite your child to join our online learning community! 

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