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Challenges Children's
Intellectual Curiosity

Builds Confidence
and Understanding

Stimulates Love & Enthusiasm
for Learning

High-Quality Academic Instruction
Preschool through High School

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Why MathAltitude?
Build Confidence~Strengthen Skills~Achieve Results


From helping students to understand basic mathematical concepts to developing creativity in solving complex real-life problems, our goal is to encourage logical reasoning, analytical thinking and independent learning.


Our program motivates students to excel in their regular math classes by building their confidence and understanding of math concepts.   We challenge children’s intellectual curiosity. 

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"790 out of 800 in Math! Hard to believe this was possible 6 years ago when my son started MathAltitude.  This is a testament to the work of the Math Altitude Progam." ~Diane O'Connor, Parent     
The success of a school is largely dependent on the personality of its founders, experience of the teachers, their love and appreciation for the subjects they teach, and their willingness to adjust to the needs of their students without sacrificing the quality of education.

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With the teacher's dedication and persistence, today my son is a different student. He loves to learn new things and has a passion for math. I am very thankful that my son has this wonderful opportunity for learning. MathAltitude has been the best investment that I could have made in my son's life. 

Sueleni Pimentel

Parent from Lancaster

Starting in 2016, Worcester Academy began a collaboration with MathAltitude to offer the international Math Kangaroo competition to students from elementary through high school.    The Worcester Academy Mathematics Department is happy to work with MathAltitude in promoting a unique mathematical experience for the students of the greater Worcester area.

Dr. Theodore Theodosopoulos

Former Chair of Mathematics Department, Worcester Academy

Sparking math enthusiasm is evident throughout the Math Altitude staff. Their goal is that children should enjoy learning math at any level.  I highly recommend Math Altitude for children of all skill levels to get a fun and comprehensive math learning experience.                   

Sharon Hocurscak

Parent from Sterling

Math Altitude has given me the peace of mind that my kids are getting the support they need. With small class sizes, my kids get all the attention they require.  I am so thankful to Ms. Olga and her incredible staff for the wonderful job they do. Many thanks Math Altitude!

Neetu Gupta

Parent from Grafton

The knowledge my daughter has gained at MathAltitude has boosted her confidence and contributed to her academic success.  She told me she wishes she had known about MathAltitude when she was younger for she would have had solid math fundamentals starting at a younger age. MathAltitude is a wonderful investment in your child's future.  The younger he/she starts, the better!

Tippawan Burns

Parent from Shrewsbury

Thanks Olga. I feel Avi is very lucky to have teachers like you, Luba, and Nathan. Your whole team is constantly motivating and inspiring students!

Amulya Mahal

Parent from Shrewsbury

Math Altitude is not just a school; it is a community.  Movie nights, annual hikes, art contests, and many other extracurricular activities encourage camaraderie among students. Free homework sessions, national math competitions, free preparatory workshops for kids, math clubs, computer classes, and essay writing complement the math curriculum.  There are so many options I really could be dropping my kids off every day!

Julie Suyer

Parent from Worcester