Math Club

The Math Club for students in Grades 6 to 9 (5th Graders with special referral from their teacher) meets online once a month - Fridays, 6:30 -  8:00 P.M. starting October 16th.  Students are taught new concepts and techniques, with an emphasis on solving outside-the-box problems found in math competitions.

Students of all abilities are welcome; the only requirements are an interest in mathematics, a desire to be challenged, and the commitment to attend the club sessions. Space is limited, and only open to MathAltitude students.  Enrollment in the club is $25 for the school year.

We hope to expose the students to a wide variety of problem types, which will be helpful preparation for any competition they might, and are encouraged to take, during the year, including, but not limited to the Noetic Learning Math Contest, AMC-8, and Math Kangaroo.


  Math Club Update from Mr. Dale:MC 1
  Students explored mathematics without the use of numbers. Starting with        Mobius strips (a piece of paper that has only one side), sudents verified that     
the paper had only one side (surface) and then made predictions about what   would happen when we cut the Mobius strip lengthwise once, and then cut          lengthwise a second time. We then explored a famous puzzle called the   Bridges of   Konigsburg - which helped lay the foundation for areas of   Mathematics such as graph theory and topology. We also briefly discussed
 the mathematics of soap bubbles and used a cubic prism to produce a tesseract with soapy water. Students also learned a game called Reversi which requires strategy and analysis of patterns
to defeat the opponent.  

MC 4


Questions: contact Nathan Senecal at, or call us at (860)-37 LEARN.