Math Club

The Math Club for students in Grades 5 to 8 will meet every two weeks on Fridays,  6:30 -  8:00 P.M. starting September 21st.  Students will be taught new concepts and techniques, with an emphasis on solving outside-the-box problems found in math competitions.  
Students of all abilities are welcome; the only requirements are an interest in mathematics, a desire to be challenged, and the commitment to attend most of the club sessions. Space is limited, and only open to MathAltitude students.  Enrollment in the club is $10 for the school year.

Students in the club will compete in 5 Continental Math League (CML) contests during the year.   Each month from November to March, we will take a half hour during a normal club meeting to participate in a six-question contest.  Top scorers on these contests will be recognized at the end of the year, at a special Pizza Party/Awards Night for math club participants.   Rather, we hope to expose the students to a wide variety of problem types, which will be helpful preparation for any competition they might (and encouraged!) take during the year, including the Noetic Learning Math Contest and AMC-8 in the fall, and the Math Kangaroo in the spring.

Questions: contact Nathan Senecal at, or call us at (860)-37 LEARN.