Writing Program

Summer Session - Creative Writing/Poetry
Summer is an excellent time to fine tune your child's writing skills in a fun, creative way.    Students will focus on descriptive writing.  The first class will be held at the Worcester Art Museum.  Lessons will emphasize creative expression, sensory and figurative language, and will encourage students to use their imaginations.  Students will read and evaluate fictional styles of selected short stories, and use those styles to create original essays, poems, and short stories of their own.  Grades 6 – 7 – 8 – 9

Fall Session -  SAT/ACT Writing Prep
This course will help students step up their grammar, reading, and writing skills, and teach them   tips and strategies on how to attack the various questions and prompts on the English portions of both the SAT & ACT.  While the two tests have many similarities, there are differences.  The writing skills that apply to both tests will be taught, and test taking strategies will be emphasized.  Students will take a mock SAT and ACT at the end of the course, and will spend the last two classes reviewing their actual scores on each test.  Students will have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the two tests, and determine which test they prefer to take for entrance into college.  Grades 9 – 10 – 11

Fall Session – The Literary Essay
The course will be broken down into two sections: 1) Structure, MLA format, presentation, documenting sources, parenthetical citations, bibliography and works cited 2) The Literary Essay and understanding discursive writing in terms of analyzing literature and poetry. Students will study the elements of what makes a literary analysis paper, elements of fiction, intros/leads, and conclusions. Students will write several pieces applying what they learn and polishing their skills. Revision and peer-feedback as well as instructor feedback will be a weekly feature of this course.  Grades 7 – 8 – 9

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