Description of Classes

Fundamentals of Physics

A 2-year course offered to students in Grades 7 through 9

Studying physics strengthens quantitative reasoning and problem-solving skills that are valuable in areas beyond physics. We strongly believe that physics should be taught early and thoroughly.  This 2-year course will serve as a solid foundation for high school physics classes such as Physics Honors and AP Physics.

Fundamentals of Physics 1 - Grades 7 and 8 

Prerequisites: Algebra 1.

Students will learn the fundamentals of mechanics. The class will feature interactive demonstrations, and students will build on observation and class discussion to develop a strong foundation in physics. Students will explore how physics formulas and equations reflect the observed motion of physical systems, and they will use formulas to solve problems mathematically. Topics covered include: kinematics, dynamics, free-body diagrams, gravity, energy, momentum, and rotational motion.

Students meet once per week for 2-hours during the school year.

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Fundamentals of Physics 2 - Grades 8 and 9

Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Physics 1.

Students will learn the fundamentals of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and electricity.  Students will apply and build on their knowledge of mechanics and experimental principles, as they explore these new topics.  The course will use interactive demonstrations to verify and reinforce physics concepts.  Students will use both physics equations and general principles to solve problems, and they will make connections between formulas, physics intuition, and experimental observations.  Topics covered include: pressure, buoyancy, Bernoulli's principle, heat transfer, first law of thermodynamics, gas laws, electrical charge, Coulomb force, electric fields, simple DC circuits, and magnetism.

Students meet once per week for 2-hours during the school year.

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AP Physics 1

Prerequisites: Honor Algebra 2 and Pre-calculus (or taking concurrently)

This course will follow the curriculum of the College Board AP Physics 1 course and prepare students for the Advanced Placement examination. It is a college-level, algebra-based introductory physics course for the advanced math/science student. The course covers kinematics, Newton's laws and dynamics, circular motion, gravitation, energy, momentum, simple harmonic motion, rotational motion, basic electrostatics, DC circuits, and mechanical waves and sound.

All students enrolled in the course are recommended to take the Advanced Placement examination in May.

Students meet once per week for 3 hours; 32-week course. Total instructional time 96 hours.

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High School Physics: Summer Course

This course covers algebra-based mechanics, and provides an in-depth preparation for both honors physics and AP Physics 1 courses. Topics covered include the central topics seen in most honors and AP Physics 1 courses: kinematics, dynamics, gravitation and circular motion, work and energy, momentum, and rotational motion.  Prerequisites: Algebra 2. Meets 6 hours per week.

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  Private Tutoring

We also offer private tutoring in physics (AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, AP Physics C, and Physics Honors) and chemistry (AP Chemistry and Chemistry Honors). 

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