Why Mathaltitude

What makes MathAltitude different from other tutoring and enrichment programs?
  • We developed our program in collaboration with distinguished teachers of mathematics from the USA and Russia; in particular, Dr. L.A. Litvachuk and Dr. B.P. Geydman. The methods they developed and practiced in Russia and the USA inspired generations of students who are currently working all around the globe: America, Russia, Germany, Israel, Australia just to name a few countries.

  • Our program is more than mere memorization and repetitious drills.

  • We discourage teaching to the test in any form, though success in those tests has become an inevitable “side-effect” of children who enroll in MathAltitude. Math, when presented through the meaning and inner    (vertical) links between different topics, is full of fun, enjoyable to master, and joyfully rewarding.

  • MathAltitude goes above and beyond the Massachusetts Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

  • Our curriculum enhances the existing math curriculum taught in local public and private schools, and emphasizes the introduction of the concepts of algebra and geometry as early as elementary school.

  • There cannot be a one-for-all solution tailored to fit everybody.  Our individualized instruction is what sets MathAltitude apart from the rest.  
How was MathAltitude Created?
  • MathAltitude is independently owned and operated, and not a franchise affiliated with other programs. Innovative curricula, the power of the teacher-student relationship, individualized high quality instruction, and parents’ participation in the learning process are the integral parts of MathAltitude’s foundation and success.

  • MathAltitude was created in response to the broadening concern regarding mathematical education in America. Our innovative curricula and method of teaching is designed to augment existing math curricula in local public and private schools, and provide additional means for parents to extend their children’s horizons.

  • MathAltitude curricula was created based on the most effective Russian/European teaching methodologies, which allow learning mathematics in a systematic, structured, and logical way.   Our motto is RIGOROUS LOGIC AND MEANINGFUL APPLICATIONS before, during, and after working on each specific topic. Our tailored curriculum is designed to meet the individual needs of students.

  • We believe the success of a school is largely dependent on the personality of its founders, experience of the teachers, their love and appreciation for the subjects they teach, and their willingness to adjust to the needs of their students without sacrificing the quality of education.
When is it the best time to start with MathAltitude?
  • The earlier the better. Starting as young as kindergarten, children begin to form the foundation for all their future math studies, so exposing them to the study of serious mathematics earlier in their school life encourages continuity of the subject and allows them to transition more easily into middle and high school.
  • Oftentimes parents don’t notice that their child is lacking required math skills until they transition from middle to high school. Enrollment in honors classes requires good grades and recommendations from middle school teachers. This may be difficult to achieve if a child falls behind in middle school math. Moreover, in the schools that implement tracking, the students with deficient mathematical skills will be at a disadvantage in other major subjects as well.

  • We believe that these problems can be avoided if students are exposed to the study of serious mathematics earlier in their school life. There should be continuity between the study of mathematics in elementary, middle, and high schools.
What classes and programs are available?
  • MathAltitude offers a variety of classes, and you can choose whichever classes meet your child’s needs.

  • Tutoring, short-term remedial classes, and group classes are all offered, but there is no substitution for the classical teaching instruction in the classroom setting - engaging discussions with teachers and peer-students, and a free exchange of ideas in solving difficult problems.  MathAltitude offers it all and is willing to work with you to find a session that fits into your schedule.

  • Please refer to our Description of Classes for the complete listing of offered classes. If you are interested in a program not presently offered, please contact the school about the possibility of such a class opening in the future.

  • In addition to our school-year program, we also offer MathExploration – a 6-week summer program which starts in July. Please visit our summer school information page.


Why does a child need to take Geometry courses in middle school?
  • Our program is designed so that upon the completion of five levels of Mathematics (MA1-5) students are advanced to Pre-Algebra and Introduction to Geometry course. That course will prepare them for the further study of Algebra and Geometry as separate disciplines.

  • While students can take Algebra and Geometry independently, we strongly recommend taking these classes concurrently. Early introduction of Geometry not only allows a smooth transition to high school Geometry, often thought of as the most dreadful subject in school, but also leads to the teaching of critical and reflective thinking.


Are there any extracurricular programs to augment the curriculum?
  • We enrich our curriculum with educational presentations and engineering-focused projects in order to broaden our students’ horizons and ignite their imaginations.   We collaborate with engineering professors and students from local universities, and the result is inspirational to parents and students alike.  For instance, a “show and tell” from a group of NASA interns allowed students to see math in action in the real world.  Presentations such as these make classroom learning more meaningful.

  • Sometimes we put all academic agenda aside and hike the neighboring mountains together or go snow tubing.  As part of our summer program we sponsor educational field trips on Fridays.  This all makes for a well-rounded education.  It allows us to get to know our students on a variety of levels, and therefore better able to address their individual needs.


Can my child join the school in the middle of the school year?
  • Yes, your child can join in the middle of the year; however, it may require a few tutoring sessions before a child catches up with his/her class.


How can I enroll my child in MathAltitude?

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