We stand

We are united with the people of Ukraine and the international community in condemning the Russian military’s invasion of Ukraine and the horrific acts of violence against a sovereign nation and its people. We stand alongside the people of Ukraine in their resistance to the Russian forces as they fight for the self-governing rights of their country. It is devastating for the innocent people in Ukraine, and it is leading to feelings of helplessness and anger for those of us near and far away.

We recognize that war is not the action of all people, but a select few, and acknowledge that the actions of the Russian government are not the actions of all of the Russian people. Unfortunately, all people are forced to deal with the consequences. We hope for peace, safety, and freedom for all who are resisting President Putin’s repression, and we applaud the thousands of Russians who continue to protest President Putin’s despotism to continue to take a stand against his actions, despite the repercussions. 

Many of our teachers have loved ones in Ukraine and Russia.  We pray for their safety and the safety of all people in the impacted regions; that the people affected have the strength and resources to make it through this trying time, and that there will be a peaceful resolution to this senseless conflict.

If you feel moved to, follow this link to learn how you can help the people of Ukraine.