Test Prep

Test-taking tips and strategies to improve test scores
Free 90-min. diagnostic test before the course begins
Full-length practice exams at the end of the course
Summer, Fall, and Spring Sessions

Summer Session - Online Classes
Mondays and Wednesdays - July 6 - August 14

Math: 3:30-5:30; English: 5:45-7:45
SAT Math (4-hours per week) This course moves at a quicker rate than the 8-hour per week course; it is recommended for students who need less extensive review of topics and who want to refresh and sharpen their SAT math skills.
SAT Math (extended, 8-hours per week) This course provides an in-depth review of the topics covered on the SAT Math section, and is recommended for students who would like extensive review of SAT math topics.
SAT English - The SAT English course is designed to optimize one’s performance on the verbal subsets of both the SAT and ACT.

Fall and Spring Sessions
12-week SAT classes (Math and English) are offered during our Fall and Spring semesters.   
Math SAT - Sundays, 11:45-1:45;  English SAT - Sundays, 2:00-4:00

The SAT Math course covers linear equations and inequalities, systems of linear equations and inequalities, interpreting coefficients in a linear model, ratios and percents, unit conversions, quadratic functions, exponential functions, rational exponents, polynomials and rational expressions, complex number arithmetic, volume and area, right triangle trigonometry, the Pythagorean Theorem, radians, sector area and arc length, angle measures with transversals and triangles, similarity, equations of circles, scatterplots, linear and exponential models, basic inferential statistics, two-way tables, and describing measures of a data set.

The SAT English course is designed to optimize one’s performance on the verbal subsets of the SAT.  Students familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of the test, and learn to navigate a very specific set of question and answer formats in quick succession.  Focus is given to time management skills through a series of timed practice drills, in addition to test-taking strategies in writing, reading comprehension, and annotation. Topics addressed: grasping meaning of passage types; locating relevent information in question types; eliminating answers and spotting incorrect answers; building speed and maintaining accuracy with structured drills; editing for style; editing for logic; standard conventions of English - sentence construction; punctuation;verbs; pronouns; parallelism. Diagnostic assessment is a key component of the course.  A mock SAT is administered at the beginning and end of the course, and  students receive a packet detailing their progress across the course, as well as a comprehensive assessment of what skills should be prioritized further.

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